Responses by Edge of Woods Management team

Q? Why do we offer just seasonal RV/5th camping

After several years of doing the weekend warriors it proved to be very disruptive to the seasonal customers who have been with me for years.

Q? How do you compete with Gunstock camping?

We have capacity every year they are usually sold out on seasonal sites I don’t try to. Gunstock is a nice facility, very large that caters to both weekend visitors and seasonal customers. We are walking distance to the lake, the eateries and concert pavilion. They are a car ride.

Additionally their rules are strictly enforced by the staff. At our campground there are less than 20 sites and more of a family, we let the seasonal people work together and decide how to best abide by the guidelines.

Q? How far are you from Lake Winnipesaukee and other attractions?

We are 8/10 of a mile to Lake Winnipesaukee.

Q? Is it true that you don’t charge for guests?

Yes, that is true…I don’t think day guests should have to pay for visiting family or friends. Assuming you are reasonable on the number of guests.

Q? Are you a fancy campground with a lot of amenities?

No, we are NOT a fancy campground – I believe in B.T.B. – “Back to basics” where family/children communicate and enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life-Enjoying the outside

Q? Do you charge for winter storage?

NO, I don’t believe that there is a reason to charge for this…My costs don’t go up by doing this… so why should I charge you more?

I know some of my competition does…I just don’t believe in doing this.

Q? Do we allow boats or Jet skis on the site?

YES, I allow up to 18 foot or 1 trailer with 2 jet-skis on it

Q? Is it true that your prices includes a beach pass to one of the best beaches on Lake Winnipesaukee?

YES (when registered with Town of Gilford) isn’t that AMAZING?

Hope we have answered your questions. If we have missed something please feel free to email us @ info@edgeofwoods.com or call us 603 393 5756 and ask us directly or leave a message. One of us will be glad to get back to you promptly.







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